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East-West Coffee Shop

Welcome to the East-West Coffee Shop! This format, embracing podcast episodes and videos, is brought to you by the Younger Generation Leaders Network (YGLN). Pour yourself a coffee and join our discussions on some of the most pressing challenges and threats for the Euro-Atlantic region, and what can we do to confront them.

The East West Coffee Shop will present the views and experiences of members of the YGLN, paired with experts and former leaders from the European Leadership Network (ELN).


Podcast | You see it for a reason: What’s behind disinformation campaigns? with Lyric Jain (16 July)

Podcast | NATO Summit with Katarina Kertysova, Simon Lunn and Nick Williams (10 June)

Podcast | Western sanctions towards Russia with Maria Shagina and Agathe Demarais (25 May)

Video & Podcast | It gets worse before it gets worse: The current state of U.S.-Russia affairs with Alex Gabuev (22 March)

Video & Podcast | The U.S. and Euro-Atlantic security: NATO partners, Russia, and Eastern Partnership with Roger Hilton (15 March)

Video & Podcast | Biden and Russia: Between confrontation and cooperation with Liana Fix (2 March)

Video & Podcast | A reset for U.S.-Kosovo relations with Biden? with Gent Salihu (23 February)


Podcast | Belarus with Yauheni Preiherman, Katia Glod and Ben Challis