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Commentary | 17 May 2024

The Women Leaders Podcast: Electing the European Parliament

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In a year of big elections, in which approximately half the global population is going to the polls at one time or another, the EU elections stand out. Upwards of 300 million eligible voters out of a population of nearly 450 million people across 27 states; a transnational bonanza of democracy that will take place between 6-9 June.

720 seats are up for grabs in the European Parliament, and once the results and balance of power in that institution are decided, the composition of the European Commission and the leadership of the European Council will be wrangled over.


Anna Davreux, a ten-year veteran of the European Parliament and now Senior Vice President and Partner at Fleishman-Hillard Brussels, guides Ilana across the realities and complexities of the Parliament and all EU institutions. In a fun and fascinating discussion, the basics of the European Union and democracy are exposed, explained, and extolled. The European Parliament, as the EU in general, may seem opaque and difficult to understand, but it does work — for everyone!

Join the journey as we unravel the layers of the European Parliament and learn everything about the rapporteurs, assistants, members, committees, assignment of EP positions to political parties, negotiations, trilogues, and much more.

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Recorded on 15 May 2024


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