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Commentary | 22 March 2024

The Women Leaders Podcast: Democracy in peril? Navigating India and Democracies with Dr. Radha Kumar

2024 has already been defined as the year of elections: from Russia through the EU, to the US, autocracies, dictatorships, and democracies, billions of people are going to the polls. One of the biggest upcoming elections is due to take place in India: with 968 million registered voters, 15 million election officials, and 1.2 million polling booths, it will be the largest exercise in logistics and democracy the world has ever seen.

But there are problems – in India, as well as in many other democracies. Dr. Radha Kumar, renowned Indian policy analyst, public intellectual, and writer specialising in ethnic conflicts and peace processes, who recently convened the Delhi Democracy Convention, joins Ilana Bet-El in an exploration of India’s democratic crossroads. From inter-ethnic tensions to political power plays and media freedom, the flowing conversation explains much about the sub-continent and the state of democracies far beyond.

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Image credit: Florence Ferrando