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Commentary | 16 July 2021

East West Coffee Shop | “You see it for a reason”: What’s behind disinformation campaigns?

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YGLN member Lyric Jain, who has founded technology company countering misinformation Logically in 2017, has joined this episode of the East West Coffee Shop. Together with Nikita Gryazin he discusses the implications of disinformation campaigns for our societies, and explains the most recent fake news patterns when it comes to elections in the US, Germany and France as well as COVID-19 vaccines.

Drawn into the field by a tragic encounter with health misinformation in his family, Lyric has early on in his career focused on the impact of misleading information and the negative consequences thereof. In this episode, he addresses the historical evolution of the concept of fake news and what it means today. And he sheds light on how societies are nowadays struggling with the malicious influence of actors who have access to increasingly sophisticated technological means.

To round up, Lyric gives us some guidance on what we as ordinary users can do to protect ourselves better from misinformation. His advice: “Be skeptical, but in moderation. Look at the ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘why’.”