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Commentary | 25 May 2021

East-West Coffee Shop | Western sanctions towards Russia

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YGLN members Maria Shagina and Agathe Demarais have joined the East West Coffee Shop for an episode on the issue of Western sanctions towards Russia. They are addressing the new executive order signed by the Biden administration in April, as well as EU sanctions imposed under the new Global Human Rights Sanctions Regime which was established by the Council in December 2020.

Over time, the US sanctions and Western sanctions in general against Russia are going to be less effective, and it is going to lead to more fragmentation of the geopolitical order. Agathe Demarais

This episode will look at whether the new sanctions imposed on Russia are mostly symbolic or whether they are suited to reach the desired effect to deter Russia’s harmful activities such as interference in elections, cyber attacks and human rights violations. How well, on the other hand, is the Kremlin positioned to cope with these new sanctions? Finally, we cannot speak about sanctions without addressing Nord Stream 2 and the fate of the disputed gas pipeline and how far Germany will go to safe the project.

The challenge for Nord Stream 2 is the German election in Bundestag in September – if we see the Green Party entering coalition that would change the attitude in Berlin towards the support of this controversial project Maria Shagina