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Commentary | 15 March 2021

East-West Coffee Shop | The U.S. and Euro-Atlantic security: NATO partners, Russia, and Eastern partnership

In this episode of the East-West Coffee Shop, we’re joined by Roger Hilton who will take a close look at the new personnel in the White House and how much emphasis will be given to Euro-Atlantic security. Roger addresses what the U.S.’s engagement with NATO partners will look like and why, besides the importance of tackling traditional military issues, other topics such as climate security are moving up the agenda.

Going one step further, we will hear from Roger what will happen with relations between Moscow and Washington and whether we will see an increased U.S. engagement in the Eastern partnership region where a number of conflicts have flared up in 2020, adding to the existing fragility of this geographical area. 

A lot of Eastern partnership issues will be deprioritised until countries are able to get the pandemic settled at home. Roger Hilton

Roger is a member of the Younger Generation Leaders Network (YGLN).