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Commentary | 2 March 2021

East-West Coffee Shop | Biden and Russia: Between confrontation and cooperation

Image of Liana Fix

Liana Fix |Fellow for Europe at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

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In this episode of the East-West Coffee Shop, Liana Fix addresses whether the Biden administration is likely to take a tougher stance on Moscow in some areas, and where there is still room for cooperation in others. While US-Russia relations might remain difficult with regards to Ukraine, Nord Stream 2, cyber attacks and Russia’s global influence, Washington will probably seek closer cooperation with the Kremlin on arms control and strategic stability, the JCPOA and climate change.

However, the future positioning of the new German chancellor and the French presidential election in 2022 will also have important implications for West-Russia relations.

The necessity for a joint transatlantic approach towards Russia is definitely realised in all capitals. But domestic policies often trump foreign policy priorities. Liana Fix

Liana Fix is a member of the Younger Generation Leaders Network.